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Albania/Austria 2012 | Runtime: 72 min | HD color
Language: Albanian, German, English, French | Subtitles: German, English
Idea, production, editing: Klaus Hübner and Alfred Zacharias
Co-production and translation: Alba Cepani
Camera: Alfred Zacharias | Sound: Klaus Hübner
Music: Falm | Production design: Prewadag Deviezl

Klaus Hübner runs the production studio EVOLVER FILM in Vienna, Austria. He has written, produced and directed several experimental films, short films, music videos and commercial/image films since 2000. SHQIPËRIA is his first feature-length production.

Alfred Zacharias is a Vienna, Austria based documentary film maker and photographer. Since 1994, he has created numerous video installations and exhibitions, and has worked on music videos, shorts and experimental films as DP, director or editor.

Alba Cepani was born in Tirana and raised in Vienna. During her film studies she produced a few short films and music videos. She stood both before and behind the camera. In SHQIPËRIA she was an integral part of the excecutive production and hosting.